Dawn Nicole
 Psychic Reader, Clairvoyant,
           Reader of Past Life Karmic Action

The Ascended Masters show me how your past lives, present activity and future events are all woven together.


I’m Dawn Nicole

I am a Multidimensional or Multilevel Reader.

I am a Psychic Reader, Clairvoyant, and a narrator of teachings from the Masters of the Rose Brotherhood.

When I lay out the cards, I get pictures and visions of life changing events.

The Ascended Masters show me how your past lives, present activity and future events are all woven together.

What was important in a past life is brought into view, so I can help you clear or understand why it is still with you!

I’m often asked, “Did I know my brothers, sisters, cousins, family before”?

“What about my parents, my husband, my lover, my friends”?

“How come it’s so easy for me to do a certain thing and yet so hard to do other things”?

“Why does the same thing keep happening over and over again”?

“Is it Karma”?


Every part of your life is expressed by your perceptions. You then move and think according to these perceptions. Your perceptions are rooted in your past.

These perceptions about home life, work, friendships, romance and your needs show up in your day to day living.

When one area of perception overwhelms the other perceptions we loose balance.

It's the imbalance that drags you down and exhausts you.

With assistance from the Masters a reading will give you an insight into achieving this balance.



































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